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I have started a list here of places that I like. They are in no particular order and are here for many different reasons.

Links I like
  • Gourmet Safari
    Culinary Vacations for the individual traveler. This site belongs to my wife, Jackie. It is a fantastic way to find authentic culinary and cultural experiences. I get non-cash commission if you find her from this link, so click now. My interest in photography is laid bare here as most of the the galleries are loaded with my photos.
  • 94.9 The Rock
    You'll hear my voice allot here. I do the imaging for this station. It's a Rock station.
  • marketing&
    Sammy James is the man who runs this company. I really respect his marketing knowledge as I have worked with him for many years. He also owns a car on display in a guy's living room in Hawaii.
  • Humble Howard
    Howard has now webbed himself and secretly confided that he would have launched a site along time ago if he had only heard about the www. See 'Fred' below.
  • Fred Patterson
    Yes this is the Fred in the Humble & Fred Show. He and Howard steal content from each other but they are interesting, funny and sometimes they mention me...which I find quite fascinating
  • Fountainhead Talent - My Agent
    A good place to go when if you want to hire me. There are other actors that you could hire here but please ignore them.

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